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Nurseketeers Series - Book 3

Katie, a stoic young Native American, faces family pressures, a developing distant romantic relationship, and stress from nursing school clinicals during her junior year at Crestmont University in Dallas.

Her dream of becoming a nurse is challenged when her mother suffers an injury that could force her to stay on the farm, assume her mother’s duties, and postpone her education, perhaps permanently. Compounding her stress, Katie’s childhood friend and soulmate’s demand for a greater level of commitment drives her into an emotional spiral as she tries to balance her dream of becoming a nurse and her love for John.

The academically sound Katie finds that book learning is not sufficient for success in the clinical setting. Her frustration grows as she encounters difficulty in implementing her carefully crafted patient care plans. Her relationship with the Nurseketeers, her best friends and support system, deteriorates as she tries unsuccessfully to cope. She struggles in silence, turning in secret to alcohol to quell the chaos of clinical practice and putting herself in jeopardy of failing out of nursing school.


Book Review

Silent Struggle tells Katie’s story as she navigates a busy third year in nursing school filled with hands-on learning, romance, family expectations, and big dreams. Katie must learn how to juggle her professional aspirations with her personal goals in an era when women’s roles were rapidly evolving. Baker and Goodman have crafted a timeless, coming of age tale that examines how finding your place in the world isn’t always straightforward and that will resonate with women as they reimagine their lives in a post-pandemic world.

--- Melinda Hough

What an outstanding addition to the Nurseketeer series. I especially liked the OR being incorporated to the nursing specialties. Keep them coming exceptional read and allowed me to take a few minutes away from the struggles we are all now facing.

--- Paula Graling

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