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Robin, the fiery red-head, arrives home from college to discover her home is slated for demolition for upscale housing she can’t afford. Her summer vacation devolves into a chaotic circus of exploration of sexuality, violence, and tragedy.   


Thieving by a one-time friend threatens her job and brings her to court. Robin’s summer spins further out of control when the unanticipated reunion with her estranged mother is derailed by family violence. Robin’s turmoil leaves her grappling with grief and railing Against the World.


The Nurseketeers, Robin and her suitemates, reunite in Dallas for their sophomore year in nursing school. They embrace women’s issues, gender discrimination, cultural diversities, and plan a March against Violence.


A chance meeting motivates Robin to question her sexual persuasion. Homosexuality in 1972 was illegal in every state but one - and that wasn’t Texas. Her roommate’s homophobia challenges the need for secrecy as she explores her emerging lesbian impulses. Exposure could turn her nursing career into an impossible dream or worse, she could land in jail.

Against the World print

SKU: ISBN: 978-1-7322535-2-0
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