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Nurseketeers Series - Book 1

It's 1970 on move-in day at Crestmont University. Philly-born and pampered Frannie is looking forward to getting her MRS degree in nursing school. Within hours, she clashes with her street-smart, fiery tempered roommate, Robin, who arrives to find no place for her things, nor a bed to claim as her own in the clothes strewn room. Their differences spark a love-hate relationship that ultimately frames their freshman year.

More interested in dating than studying, Frannie ignores Robin's warning that her dreamboat boyfriend is total pond scum. Frannie doesn't get why Robin insists upon calling her a twit. Her frustrations escalates when Robin challenges her to listen in class instead of reading love stories, and to pencil in studying into her busy social calendar.

Two semesters of disastrous decision-making leave Frannie miserable and further than ever from her dreams, and certain that her parents will disown her. With nowhere to turn, Frannie discovers an unexpected true friend. Frannie faces her demons head on, making the most difficult decision of her young life.

Book Highlights

I “Just finished wake up call! For the first part of the book, I wanted to spank Frannie and beat some sense into her and go tell her mother she raised a bimbo! I have to admit some of her behavior reminded me of myself. I never went out during the week, but usually partied all weekend. I wanted to hang Stephen up by his genitals! At least I was smart enough to know when I was being used and shut it down. I really did coast through most courses without having to study much, which really wasn’t a good thing.”  - Craig K. Morgan

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