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Nurseketeers Series Authors

Life is always better if experienced with friends. The Nurseketeers Series characters were created as a result of people watching prior to the start of a moving one summer afternoon. Then attributing personal characteristic notes, such as color of hair or clothing, to four women. Assigning names to each such as Ms. Brown, Ms. Blue, Ms. Red, and Ms. Gray. Each of the Nurseketeers main characters retained components from the original notes and framed the development of the characters in the Series: Brown became Frannie Braun, Blue is Leslie Bleu, Red is Robin Hart, and Gray is Katie Grayfox. We embellished those original ideas during the development of the first book, The Wake-Up Call.

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About US

Joy Don Baker and Terri Goodman, nursing students in the '70s like their Nurseketeers characters, both writers in the professional perioperative nursing literature. They met in the 80's and have remained friends for years

The Wake-up Call

Two semesters of disastrous decision-making leave pampered Frannie possibly pregnant and failing nursing school. Alone in her misery and alienated from her suitemates, she is certain that her parents will disown her when they discover her perilous indiscretions.

The Wake-Up Call Book Cover

"She clenched her fists and stepped into the room, all set for a Chicago rumble."

"She clenched her fists and stepped into the room, all set for a Chicago rumble."

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One of the greatest perks of being an author is getting feedback and interacting with readers. Contact us if you’ve got any comments or questions for us, We’d love to hear from you.

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