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Essence of Valentine's Day: Celebration of Flavors of Love

By Terri Goodman

Valentine's Day is dedicated to love, romance, and heartfelt expressions. Hearts and flowers, the essence of Valentine's Day, remind us of the importance of acknowledging those who occupy a special place in our hearts.

The love we feel varies from person to person. For some, it is a romantic attraction; for others, a deep appreciation for the influence they’ve had in our lives. Our hearts and flowers go to family and friends, to neighbors and teachers, to nurses and doctors, to all of the individuals who fill our lives with happiness and well-being.

For couples, Valentine's Day is a reminder to celebrate their romantic connection, a gentle nudge for partners to pause, reflect, and express the love that’s often taken for granted. With the sharing of thoughtful gifts, intimate dinners, and expressions of love, Valentine’s Day can provide memories to cherish throughout the year.

For many of us, our first memories of Valentine’s Day center on our early years in school when we colored cards for our teachers and all of our classmates. All of our memories of Valentine’s Day should be happy ones… it’s that kind of day.

Take a moment to think of all the folks you’d like to thank for loving you in one way or another and send a card to each of them. Each card will bring a smile, warm a heart, and remind each of your Valentines of the role they played in your life. Each card is a reminder that everyone is important to someone… and we don’t say I love you often enough.


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