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Memorial Day

I learned something special this weekend. I’m amazed that it hadn’t occurred to me before. It embarrassed me to realize that I needed to pay more attention to holidays that commemorate something important to our country. I learned the relationship between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day and developed a much keener appreciation for both holidays. This Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I joined our family – his parents, his brother, sister-in-law, and our niece – at the family compound on a lovely lake in East Texas. Our family is weird in a wonderful way: both of us daughters-in-law adore our in-laws. We love being sisters since neither of us had one before we married into this family. As w

Spring Cleaning

When Spring springs and George and I can have a garden, I think it’s my favorite time of year. I forget that I say the same thing in the Fall when our shumark oak turns bright red and fall colors explode. Anyhow, until we can redo the yard, all of our flowers are on display right outside the back door. I love the bright colors, watching new buds appear when old blooms wilt, and waiting for each of the flowers on the vegetable plants to turn into vegetables. Every year it’s a battle with the squirrels to see who actually gets to EAT them, but it doesn’t stop us from planting. The feeders we keep full turn out to be both squirrel feeders and bird feeders… sometimes at the same time. We have on