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Thanksgiving is Family

The best thing about Thanksgiving is family. The meal is spectacular, but that’s because our Thanksgiving is a shared feast with everyone contributing something. Working together to make it happen is the best part of the holiday.The table setting is always amazing with candles and flowers and linen. This year, Thanksgiving was absolutely perfect! There were seven of us, including my amazing just-turned-three niece (who, by the way, is the most amazing child I know!) We gathered at the lake (Lake Lydia in East Texas) where it’s peaceful and cell service is spotty. My in-laws brined and smoked a free range turkey that had to be the best I’d ever eaten. I’m definitely re-thinking my “I’m not al

Fall is Special!

Autumn is spectacular… in every way… no down side to this season… especially at the cabin… on Lake Lydia… in East Texas. The colors are spectacular. The woods are a riot of reds, yellows, and greens… it seems like the palate changes every day. The summer heat is gone and the winter frost is weeks away... It’s good walking weather in the morning and any time during the day is perfect for sitting on the porch and watching the lake. Huge blue herons and snowy egrets skim the surface, and occasionally perch on our dock railing to visit… from a distance. One of those big blue beauties walked the length of our shoreline just feet from the porch… while we sat and gaped. We have cormorants, too. We