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Fall is Special!

Autumn is spectacular… in every way… no down side to this season… especially at the cabin… on Lake Lydia… in East Texas. The colors are spectacular. The woods are a riot of reds, yellows, and greens… it seems like the palate changes every day. The summer heat is gone and the winter frost is weeks away...

It’s good walking weather in the morning and any time during the day is perfect for sitting on the porch and watching the lake. Huge blue herons and snowy egrets skim the surface, and occasionally perch on our dock railing to visit… from a distance. One of those big blue beauties walked the length of our shoreline just feet from the porch… while we sat and gaped. We have cormorants, too. We also have a zillion other birds, including owls. We were walking around the lake the other day and one swooped from one side of the road to the other, absolutely silent in flight… more like a shadow passing over than a bird. Then comes the glorious sunset. We set out for a leisurely boat ride since the best view to the west is at the other end of the lake. We wait until all of the reds and golds are gone before we come home. Day ends around the fire pit. Twigs crackle and the embers smolder and every seat around the fire is a perfect spot for toasting feet and gazing at the full moon across the lake. There’s nothing like autumn; it does something special for me.

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