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Pre-Order - Against the World. Arrival in December

We wish you a wonderful and Happy Holiday Season. Don’t miss out on the Pre-Order opportunity for the Nurseketeers Series-Book 2: Against the World. Be one of the first to Pre-Order Against the World and we’ll ship your signed copy. Preview Robin, the fiery, red-head planned her summer vacation around working to save for college expenses and spending quality time with her grandmother. Her summer vision shatters when she discovers that the house where she has lived nearly her whole life will soon be demolished. Uptown, Robin's inner-city Chicago neighborhood has deteriorated, and the construction zone ends a mere three blocks from her house. The builders intend to raze Robin's neighborhood an

Side Trips Make Work Travel Fun

Houston is a long, boring drive from Dallas… it’s only four hours, but there’s no scenery to speak of and perpetual highway construction that makes for a tiring trip. UNLESS you scope out the cool spots to stop along the way. We missed some attractions on the way down, like the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, and Cooper Farms Peaches in Fairfield, but they’re on our list for the next trip. We planned to pick up their famous jerky at Woody’s Smokehouse in Centerville, but we were deep into plot development for our next novel and were miles past the turnoff when we realized it. Then the fun began. We discovered Old Town Spring, TX. We started in the museum. A long-time resident of Spring ga