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Pre-Order - Against the World. Arrival in December

We wish you a wonderful and Happy Holiday Season.

Don’t miss out on the Pre-Order opportunity for the Nurseketeers Series-Book 2: Against the World. Be one of the first to Pre-Order Against the World and we’ll ship your signed copy.


Robin, the fiery, red-head planned her summer vacation around working to save for college expenses and spending quality time with her grandmother. Her summer vision shatters when she discovers that the house where she has lived nearly her whole life will soon be demolished. Uptown, Robin's inner-city Chicago neighborhood has deteriorated, and the construction zone ends a mere three blocks from her house. The builders intend to raze Robin's neighborhood and build new homes that Robin and Gram can't afford.

Jake the Jerk threatens Robin's summer job when he attempts to involve her in thievery and threatens to harm Gram.

Robin's carefully planned reconciliation with her estranged mother derails from family violence. At the same time, a co-worker initiates questions about her sexual preferences.

Returning to nursing school in Dallas provides its own set of challenges. Follow Robin through her sophomore year, 1971-72, as the Nurseketeers embrace women’s issues, discrimination, and gender and racial equality.

Join Baker and Goodman in this engaging and action packed drama with Robin Against the World. Pre-order your signed copy now.

Please provide us with a review of our book. We welcome your thoughts and look forward to hearing from you.

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