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With Age Comes... WHAT?

by Terri Goodman of Terri Goodman & Associates

Important things besides gray hair and aches & pains come with advancing years. For adults who have matured with age (and not everyone has!), there’s a noticeable increase in patience. The longer one lives, the more one encounters others from different cultures, with different beliefs and experiences, and that broadens one’s perspective. Mature adults have discovered something special... there’s more than one right way to think.

So... How Old is Old

We don’t have a defined chronological benchmark for becoming an old person, so when does that actually happen? I’ve met people who have reached impressively high age numbers and no one thinks of them as old. On the other hand, you probably know folks who haven’t even reached retirement age who are already old.

It’s not the age in years that matters; it’s what you do with those years and how you do it! Enthusiasm, excitement, and energy keep old age at bay. As the years speed by, spend your time on what you enjoy! Keep working if you love what you do; travel the world if you’ve been waiting for that opportunity; or garden, read, cook,… whatever engages your fancy. Folks who stay engaged seem ageless.

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21 giu 2023

God made only ONEs of youse in the whole, wide U N I V E R S E! How awwwsome. Someday, sometime somewhere Upstairs, I wanna meet you, dolls. sHe made only 1 of me, 2, and 1 of me is enough. Puh-Ray-Zah Gawwd!!! 'Laugh it up, fuzzball' -Han Solo, Hoth God! bless!! you!!! Cya soon... ● ●

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21 giu 2023
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