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Terri's Vacation to Egypt

What an adventure! I’m in Luxor, climbing seamless stone steps inside a gigantic pyramid built by thousands of men from stones weighing tons with no modern hauling, lifting, or other construction equipment. The scale of the structures and their history absolutely boggle the mind. 100 years is long ago in the US … the pyramids, the colossal statues, and the temples have been around for thousands!!

I got to climb inside a pyramid, ride a camel, and cruise the Nile. Daryn and I shopped in the market in Cairo -- most definitely an experience to remember. The streets were narrow and crowded; it was all we could do to keep from getting lost. The spice shop was my favorite.

I definitely need a vacation from our vacation! Up before dawn and trekking in 100o heat made the pool on the cruise deck a welcome relief by the end of the day. The tour was “touristy” but the sites were awe-inspiring… a once in a lifetime kind of trip!

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