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AI ~Are You Kidding Me?

by Terri Goodman of Terri Goodman & Associates

“You’ve got to be kidding! We’ve just put

something out there that can be abused in

ways I haven’t imagined yet!”

...that was my first reaction when I was introduced to ChatGPT.

I'm a bit disappointed that I responded so quickly in the negative. My inherent commitment to autonomy and accountability… and the time and effort I put into my work… made me rebel instinctively at the idea that a credible product can be created by anyone with a minimum of effort.

It took me some time to realize that AI has great potential for enhancing the work of those who employ it judiciously and respectfully. I’ve come to appreciate that using AI can enhance the value of my product and leave me time to get more work done.

The user of a new technology and the recipient of its products each have a responsibility. The user must apply the technology wisely and honestly; the recipient must evaluate its products with a discerning eye. I would be skeptical of an impressive essay written by someone who can barely string three words together. On the other hand, I hope you’ll appreciate the results of my conversation with a bot prior to publishing my thoughts.

AI is an amazing tool, especially for a writer. When I share my thoughts with AI is like having a conversation with myself to hone and clarify my message before I share it out loud. Hard as it is to admit, there’s always room for improvement.

However, as enchanted as I am with the new technology, I’m aware of the potential for its misuse and abuse. AI can assist and enhance… but can never be allowed to substitute for creativity and critical thinking.

Also... we must guard against being "taken in" by the schemes of AI abusers.


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