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COVID: Secret Initialism

Our world has changed, and a new world is developing out of the crisis we continue to face. Since spring break we have faced thousands of deaths in our world. The act of self-isolation has caused us to become creative in the ways we as human beings socialize, and I am grateful for the advantages that technological advancements provide, such as social networking options of Zoom or TEAMS. Home versions of videos are replacing television shows these days with innovative #Hacks that share the skills of others, offering simple art and crafting ideas providing moments of awe-inspired innovative, intervention, and inventions.

This is the SECRET meaning of COVID:


Creativity that overcomes the challenges of self-isolation. Avoiding procrastination is perhaps my personal and toughest issue during self-isolation. In this time of “aloneness,” although not necessarily lonely, I have found that projects that I have allowed to remain on the back burner such as clearing out my project (junk) room have stayed in that procrastination frame of mind even though I have had time to do something about it. I find that I am willing to procrastinate on that project simply because it is not fun. So…, I have decided to take action on the project room and find one hour a day (5-days/week) that I can devote to finding creative fun in the project room to either Save, Donate, Sell, or Trash with the goal of taking back the space for continued creativity.


Opportunity for optimization finding all options for use of social media and trying out something I have not done. Terri and I have taken on the challenge of using social media in different ways over this unique time in our lives. We listened to a recent live video with Kathy Meis of Bublish about scheduling social media action over the week. We have now started posting an image on Monday.

A quote of the week on Tuesday:

“The more you leave out,

the more you highlight what you leave in.”

Henry Green

We are committed to posting a blog the first Wednesday of the month. We also use Wednesdays for writing our books continuing to inch forward with the third in the Nurseketeers Series “Silent Struggle.” We are posting a Bubble a week on Thursdays. We do not always meet our self-imposed goals but without goals little action occurs. This blog represents that opportunity for an action commitment, our readers.


Volunteer bravely and become a victor of our own circumstances. Mentor from a distance has become the present mode of operating. Using email, phone, and video conferencing are the means to keep the connection with those organizations that mean so much to us in this time when we cannot join together in conferences that we took advantage of to revitalize ourselves each year. Offer to host a video conference to celebrate achievement of a friends graduation, award recognition, or to celebrate that you are one of the survivors of Covid-19. Nurses and other health care workers are placing themselves and those they care about at risk, to take care of us. Send a well-earned Kudo to a friend who is committed to taking care of others. Pay-it-forward helping others overcome the fear of self-isolation and loneliness.


Innovative ways of accomplishing engagement and connection with each other is what this time in our lives demands. Individually and collectively humans are a powerful source of innovation overcoming difficult times. History has demonstrated this over and over such as Florence Nightingale’s securing funding to support the improvement of the appalling sanitation environment of her era. Researchers today are taking up that battle cry to find solutions for an unseen virus that can kill without discrimination. Innovation comes in all forms and from all people. Now is the time to be open to all avenues that can help in this time of crisis.


Diversity means changing our old ways and choosing different options for our future. The challenge to each of us is how can I change my day to make a productive outcome for others. Sometimes this is simply to do something that you have not done in a long time; use a skill that you had but have let go because of convenience that we had become use to. For example, it was too easy to pick up pre-cooked bacon or sausage instead of cooking it myself or opening a can of biscuits instead of baking from scratch. With the self-isolation and having run out of the easy way, I found myself cooking in traditional ways that I had not used in a long while. I managed to make burnt sausages and hard tack biscuits.

Slathered in gravy they were not too bad for my first try in years.

Share with us your secret meaning of COVID. How you are making a difference? We love hearing from you.


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Joy Don Baker
Joy Don Baker
Jun 04, 2020

Thanks for taking time to let us know. Be safe and stay healthy


Unknown member
Jun 04, 2020

Hi Joy Don and Terri,

I LOVE your COVID Blog, extremely creative and inspirational in this very troubling time in our society and world. Sincerest thanks!

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