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By Terri Goodman of Terri Goodman & Associates

Continuing education activities have a shelf life. CE credit may be awarded for a specified period of time, usually one or two years. After the certification expires, the activity may be presented without credit, or may be re-certified by TG&A if the content is still relevant.

Every presentation of a TG&A-provided activity has its own, separate shelf-life that is relevant to attendees. There is a deadline for attendees to submit their evaluation and download a certificate. The deadline always provides a minimum of two weeks for attendees to complete the process. The deadline is documented in the email invitation attendees receive with instructions for completing the evaluation and downloading the certificate. Following the deadline, the final report on the activity is generated, the evaluation is taken offline, and no further credit can be issued for the event.

The email invitation also includes contact information for TG&A in case an attendee needs help with the evaluation/certificate process. Healthcare professionals are accountable for following instructions and respecting deadlines; TG&A expects that anyone who wants CE credit will complete the process within the specified time frame, or contact TG&A in a timely manner should assistance be necessary.

For online activities (or enduring material) attendees are directed to the evaluation immediately after they complete the material. The process for earning CE credit for enduring material is the same as for live presentations; the evaluation must be completed before the deadline.



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