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Victory of the Screaming Eagle

The 4th of July commemorates the birth of our nation, the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It’s a weekend of red white and blue and an important celebration for all US citizens to be reminded of America’s history and the values upon which our nation was built.

The holiday also provides a weekend for family and fun… and in our case, a boat parade, a hot dog social, and a golf cart contest. Our weekend mottos were Fun and Food and In It to Win It where the Screaming Eagle plays a starring role.

We gathered for the weekend at Lake Lydia in East Texas - only two hours from Dallas, but a planet away from the hustle and bustle, the traffic, and the oceans of hot concrete. The weather was glorious… in the low 90s by day and 70s at night… amazing for JULY in TEXAS!!!

My favorite spot is a canvas lounge chair on the front porch, gazing into the peaceful panorama of glorious scenery reflected in the still water, surrounded by the cacophony of nature’s sounds. Graceful herons swoop past while an endless variety of smaller birds flit from a branch to the bird feeder.

Our family has a special source of joy, my exceptional niece. She’s three going on seven, with an infectious smile, a keen mind, an impressive vocabulary, and the ability to master most everything she tackles. She’s a tribute to parents who provide both the freedom and the structure for her to excel. She’s more than a spectator sport… she’s fun!

For instance, table setting is all hers. She counts the plates, folds the napkins, and gets the silverware in the right position. And, she takes her plate to the sink when she leaves the table. And, she’s a great cuddler!

Sunsets are lovely and the night sky is clear above the lake. We used an app to identify all the bright spots… Polaris dominated the night sky, and we could identify other sparkles like Cancer, the crab constellation that looked like an upside down “Y” - and other lights that blinked red and white and traveled in a graceful arc across the Texas sky on the way to somewhere else.

Fireworks were a treat. There was no planned pyrotechnic display, but lake residents provided a show for the rest of us. The bursts of stunning white and color against the dark sky reflected on the water to make the display twice as lovely.

The ultimate project for the weekend was preparing for the best decorated golf cart contest. Red, white, and blue was everywhere - streamers, balloons, bunting, pompoms, bows and ribbons. Everyone lent a hand, and we draped and tied and taped until there was little room left for more adornment, except the pièce de résistance… the red, white, and blue Screaming Eagle filled with balloons we settled atop the cart.

We made a slow, careful trip up the drive, dodging tree limbs to protect the eagle and the balloons… and arrived safely at the Lake Pavilion for the hot dog social and golf cart contest.The Pavilion was standing room only with a veritable feast of holiday picnic fare. Diets went out the window! The day was lovely, and the crowd was festive.

An impressive number of decorated golf carts lined up for the contest, each with a cup to collect votes. The Screaming Eagle prevailed. A proud moment in a special weekend.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday and had a moment to reflect on what this special day means for all Americans.

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