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Arizona - A Vacation Treat

It’s been ages since I spent time in the southwest, and I’d forgotten what a spectacular part of our country it is. This glorious sunset was my introduction to Arizona.

It’s blistering in the summer and freezing in the winter… something for everyone! The vegetation is unique and the critters fascinating. It’s no wonder that I wouldn’t take a step in any direction without a camera in hand.

There aren’t many places left in our country with wide open spaces, where the houses sit on acreage and blend into the landscape. The neat thing about traveling is encountering the differences between everyday life and what’s “out there.” The world has infinite choices, and if you don’t like something, sitting around and complaining isn’t the best option. Getting out there and finding something more desirable is the way to go!

Where I live, we tell folks to stop and smell the roses. In the Southwest, you have to change the story a bit. Stop and smell the cactus flowers just doesn’t have the same ring, but it does have the same challenge if you get too close. Those needle-sharp thorns can do some damage to an inquisitive nose in either locale.

It was a rare treat to see the saguaro cactus in bloom. Blossoms come only once a year, in Spring, and in wet years like this one, there is a bumper crop of blossoms.

Although the flora is spectacular, the fauna is my soft spot. I’ve never met a critter I didn’t like… and in the Southwest they are unique. There’s an Arizona cardinal bigger and less red than the one I’m used to and a zillion other birds I need an encyclopedia to identify.

Look at those ears!! Yep… he’s in the swimming pool! And rabbits aren’t the only critters that abound.

All kinds of interesting animals live right out the back door. It takes a bit of stealth to get a photo as they aren’t social, but they’re good neighbors as long as you keep your pets inside.

Sometimes you see weird things… these are javelinas… AND… I learned that scorpions fluoresce in black light… Convenient to ensure that you don’t get too close at night… they’re not forgiving creatures.

All in all, a fine vacation…. You don’t have to venture far for a wealth of entertainment. The Nurseketeers need to put this on their vacation list.

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