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Daddy & Daughter

by Joy Don Baker

Combing his hair into silly swirls and curls.

Sitting on his shoulders enjoying the birds eye view of the parade.

Playing cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers with her new Lone Ranger popguns.

Wearing a tiara at her princess’ tea party.

Dancing on his toes.

Placing a dime in her hand before she goes on a date,

Whispering “call me if you have a problem.”

[Today, making sure her cell phone is charged].

Seeing him waving in her rear view mirror as she drives off to college.

Dancing with him at her wedding.

Holding his hand as he lay in the coffin.

Placing a dime, in his hand.

Whispering “call me if you have a problem.”

Watching her daughter doing the same things with HER daddy.

Knowing her Daddy is smiling down from heaven,

Asking "Does She have her dime?"


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