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Holiday Cheers to ALL!

Whether you place your faith in the birth of Christ, celebrate Hanukkah, practice Buddhism, or pursue any other beliefs, this time of year is about sharing wonderfully rich threads of hope, peace, love, kindness, and caring for others. Always celebrate the season, whether it is with immaculately and intricately detailed traditional methods or creating novel experiences, each year is unique and special. When seen through the eyes of children the experiences are heart filling with the light of hope.

Sometimes, the holidays include unexpected adventures that we never want to stop. We want the good times to continue and never have to wait in line for the fun. The carousel of life is exciting and to be cherished.

Sometimes part of the Holiday experiences as seen through the eyes of a two year old is in taking the leap of faith into Daddy’s strong arms. Or, maybe just kicking back in the lap of luxury enjoying a bit of respite.

Sometimes the experiences of Christmas engage us in opportunities that will be cherished no matter our age, like waiting to board the Polar Express dressed in jammies.

Creating whipping cream beards is great fun during the holidays too. "I'm making one like Santa's."

"This Santa fellow is pretty neat, don’t you think?"

However, sometimes it is the wonder of God’s tiny creatures that hold the most interest and create an awe inspiring moment.

We wish each of you to be touched by an angel this Holiday Season and to create exciting and memorable moments throughout the New Year.



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