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Your Opinion Matters!

After reading a book, consider writing a review to incorporate the following key elements: theme, genre, author(s), characters, and plot. Hook the reader with your first sentence and set the tone for your review.

Consider whether the overall theme within the book or central message was clear? Were there sub-themes of value to acknowledge in the book review?

What genre is the book? For example our Nurseketeers series books are written in the women’s fiction, coming of age genre. How does the book compare with other works you have read in this genre?

How does the author’s previous works compare with the one you are currently reading? Comment on the previous works related to this specific book.

Provide the reader of your review with a brief plot summary without giving any of the key details away. Questions to consider regarding characters may include such as: are the characters credible? What did the main character do in the story? Did the main character face any problems or adventures? Don’t be a story spoiler for other readers but do provide content to indicate what intrigues you most about the story. Who was your favorite character and why? Could you relate to any specific characters in the story? Why? Have you felt like this character or done what he’s done?

Consider the reader of your review. Is this a reader who enjoys being entertained? Is this a librarian reading a book for a collection? Would you recommend this book to another person? What type of person would like this book?

Summarize your evaluation, sharing your opinion of the most important part of the book. Did you like it and why? If you disliked it, explain why? If the book isn’t for your taste, explain why. Make sure you write in a tone that can be heard by others, recognizing that not all individuals will have the same outlook. For example, you may write something that causes a reader of another genre to want to read the book for an entirely different reason than summarized by you.

Reviews on the author’s website, Amazon, Goodreads , Bookish, LibraryThing, local paper, and other platforms where books are sold have a tremendous effect on interest and generate enthusiasm for other readers to engage with the authors’ works. People browsing for something to read want to know what others thought of the book, and authors like us value your input. So… please review our Nurseketeers Series books.

See what a few of our readers have said about The Wake Up Call, the first in our Nurseketeers Series. We value the feedback of each review we receive. You are a special person when you share your thoughts with the author and other readers.

“I enjoyed the entire book. It did bring back vibrant memories of my on encounter with Chemistry, and nursing school in general. Looking forward to the next installment.”Willi

I really enjoyed this book. I know little about nursing but some about coming of age girls, having been one myself many moons ago. I have met several Frannie’s in my day. I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series.”Jean

“This book is a nostalgic and enjoyable trip back to the good old days of college. The story of Frannie and her suitemates comes alive in a very detailed depiction of the era. Can Frannie keep her life on track and stay out of trouble? I guess I will have to wait for the next book to find out.” – M. Morgan

“I lost sleep reading this book. I could not put it down. I really enjoyed the fast paced writing and great stories interwoven of each character. It took place in an area I lived. So it felt like I was there. I could see the campus in my mind’s eye, and I am looking forward to reading more from these authors. I know lots of nurses so I will be passing along the book around to my friends. Thank you! Great job!”Holly

Our latest book, Against the World, Book 2 in the Nurseketeers Series, published in December 2019. Look for it on our website (print) and on Amazon (eBook). Please write a review to let others know what you think.

Here’s what readers are saying about Against the World.

“The Nurseketeers reunite for their sophomore year, and what an adventure it is! They are starting to mature into young women, although someone is a bit slower than the rest… They band together to help each other through burgeoning love, tragedies, and personal soul searching. This book shows how they truly embody their motto of “One for All, and All for One.” – Daryn Harrington

Against the World would make a great movie. I thoroughly enjoyed following Robin on her journey to become a woman in the early 1970s. The story captures the essence of the times when women were fighting for equality with men and the personal challenges that everyone faces. The book captures the innocence of youth and the trials associated with becoming a strong woman.”J.D. Buchert

We’d love for you to join the Nurseketeers fan club. Meet the four Nurseketeers Frannie, Robin, Katie and Leslie and follow them through nursing school. Many thanks to you for writing a review for each of our books.

Have a great New Year!


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